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Give these guys a big hand

Our sponsors: Courageous, innovative and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

In these days of the corporate risk-averse, it’s brave to sign up to something new and exciting and when we were seeking sponsorship, we didn’t have a track record and couldn’t provide a proven ‘return on investment’. Just loads of enthusiasm and confidence that this is a story worth telling.

By sponsoring Rock The Cotswolds, all our sponsors have proved that they have everything in common with our Rockers: They’re well ahead of the curve in spotting a fantastic campaign to promote and celebrate a Cotswolds that too few people know about. And that’s why we love ‘em. 

And many others have given their time and supplies for free or at cost.
This is our little way of thanking them.

See our super sponsors

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Rock the Cotswolds - what's it all about?

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