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Talent, creativity, ingenuity, excitement and fun aren’t just in the city. They’re in the Cotswolds too. Forget what you think you know about The Cotswolds. We’re changing perceptions: to retain and attract talent, drive inward investment & introduce visitors to the hundreds of unique things happening here.

Rock the Cotswolds fans

GFirst LEP are supporting Rock the Cotswolds because we want the world to know that the area is packed full of some of the most innovative, creative and entrepreneurial people and companies on the planet. Rock the Cotswolds is delivering this message.

David Owen - CEO, GFirst

The world of work & business is changing fast – it’s more wired, more mobile and more light- footed than ever. That means you’re as likely to find a world- beating company emerging from a cottage in the Cotswolds or a leafy avenue in Cheltenham as from a big city centre. Rock the Cotswolds is celebrating that trend and I’m with them 100%.

Martin Horwood, Former MP for Cheltenham

Innovation, creativity and enterprise are alive and well in the Cotswolds today! And we want to encourage more people with skill and imagination to join us to make sure the Cotswolds ‘rock’ economically and socially today and tomorrow.

Dame Janet Trotter, Former Lord Lieutenant

Laura Kinsella Foundation

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