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Talent, creativity, ingenuity, excitement and fun aren’t just in the city. They’re in the Cotswolds too. Forget what you think you know about The Cotswolds. We’re changing perceptions: to retain and attract talent, drive inward investment & introduce visitors to the hundreds of unique things happening here.

Rock the Cotswolds fans

Having lived in LA for more than 13 years, I moved to the Cotswolds and found this part of the world to be equally as vibrant and
progressive. Just in a far more beautiful setting. Many congratulations to all at Rock The Cotswolds.

Emma Samms, Actress

I love the initiative and think it’s got great potential. I do wish you the best of success.

Leo Crabtree, The Prodigy and Beaufort London

Places are like people – they need refreshing and re-inventing from time to time – even somewhere as beautiful as the Cotswolds. So let’s show another face to the Cotswolds – one of innovation and style. Rock those Cotswold Hills!

Richard Graham, Gloucester MP

Laura Kinsella Foundation

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