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Talent, creativity, ingenuity, excitement and fun aren’t just in the city. They’re in the Cotswolds too. Forget what you think you know about The Cotswolds. We’re changing perceptions: to retain and attract talent, drive inward investment & introduce visitors to the hundreds of unique things happening here.

Rock the Cotswolds fans

Tucked away within all those beautiful Cotswold stone walls, history and tradition lies an innovative, fresh and creative energy coming from some of the most colourful people on the planet. The Cotswolds Rock!

Lisa Maxwell, Actress

Rock The Cotswolds celebrates all the things I love about living here. The only downside to shouting about the fantastic people who make the Cotswolds rock is that we could be inundated!! “Shhhh…

Jill Douglas, TV Presenter

Too often people see the Cotswolds as just fields and farms. This is a fantastic initiative to showcase the huge wealth of talent and ingenuity that go into making the Cotswolds unique for business as well as people.

Adam Henson, TV Presenter

Laura Kinsella Foundation

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