And they were all yellow

It’s almost impossible to drive around these beautiful parts without getting blinded by the scorching yellow fields.

They make me just want to abandon the car and yelp ‘Haha who needs you circle line, this is my commute now…this is my commute’.  Maybe waving a fist in the air before sprinting off.

So to celebrate this hue hinting at a rocking spring and summer ahead, here are a few more gorgeous yellowy things we should be proud of in the Cotswolds….

LoveBites has totally cornered the canapé market. Just when you thought you were content with a chicken vol-au-vent or, if you’ve been out socialising more recently than the eighties – a chicken lollipop, along comes 21st-century chomping.

How about these beauties below: parmesan biscuits with fresh basil leaves, homemade pesto and seasonal asparagus twists.

Canapés just got prettier too as LoveBites is now growing its own little edible fresh flower farm including mini roses, musk mallow, calendula, fuschas, borage and nastursians. Yum, Yum and then Yum.


Turn heads with Louise Pocock, our humble and talented Rocker who makes wonderful vintage hats with a contemporary twist.

Try on this fabulous creation with perfect-looking yellow chips that’s going to make you look gorgeous whilst reminding the world just how fun you are.

If you’re inspired then log onto Louise’s website to book a course and try your hand at making your own head-turning masterpiece.


Coo…. they’re back.  Get those tickets booked immediately as Giffords Circus are nearly back in town with a fantastic new theme for 2015.

Don’t forget to get yourself a place for dinner at Circus Sauce restaurant as well.  Here’s a rapeseed oil and thyme focaccia recipe from Ollie, Giffords’ resident chef, to get you in the mood.

Great value, great fun and you might even be lucky enough to see the chefs do a little puppet show.  What’s not to love?


Just something about a fox in a yellow mask, with a ribbon on its head, a casual cape, calling itself Biscuit Bandit.

Make time to browse through an original range of Jimbobart’s bone china at m.a.d.e (Makers & Designers Emporium) in Cirencester.

In this treasure trove you’ll discover the coolest collection of designers that will make you extremely popular with friends if you are toying with the idea of bestowing a gift.


Young Rocker Gary Birks not only designs for one of the UK’s largest retail chains, but also has his own nifty sideline in clever and beautiful mugs that will make you want to make tea for the entire honey-coloured street.

Dump those sentimental chipped cups you’ve had lurking on the back of the shelf forever and invest in some of these works of art.


While away the time by creating a Lucky Sevens cap online (it actually only takes a couple of minutes) or visit them at forthcoming festivals and have them make you a cap from the back of their van.

Just be warned the choice is a tad overwhelming so don’t be afraid to ask for their help and then just enjoy feeling smug when you strut off with your unique headwear.


Rumour has it Reg is doing a turn in Gloucester soon so watch this space.


The adorable Betsy Benn has come up with some killer personalised posters including this cool playlist print.

Show the one you love that you really do appreciate their taste in music even if you find you actually want to bin every iPod they’ve ever dared to own.


Just wanted an excuse to put lovely Rocker Leo Crabtree on the list.  Here he is relaxing near a yellow rug and a yellow lampshade.

He’s doing well with his classy ‘tache grooming products Beaufort London and also embracing the global festival circuit this year drumming with The Progidy.

Fun times ahead for the Firestarter.


Don’t miss out and make sure you book tickets for this year’s Cheltenham Science festival as it’s looking superb.

Some genius has managed to find a way to include whisky on the programme.

After years of drunkenly debating, let’s actually find out at last….what gives each malt its unique characteristic? Is it the barrel, the distillation or maybe it’s just the water?

Have fun finding out with the experts….hic.


Simply cannot wait for the fabulous Daffodil’s opening of its new artisan delicatessen Chef’s Pantry.

You’ll be able to pop in on the way to or from work and stock up on prepared dishes and a huge array of local produce as well as carefully selected beer and wine.

If it’s anything like the food they serve in that incredible art deco restaurant of theirs then we are in for a massive, massive treat people.


So what’s your favourite Cotswolds bit of yellow…..tweet us at

Winner gets a big yellow custard tart.

Posted by Melissa at Rock the Cotswolds