Six of our best events

Rock the Cotswolds is only 18 months old, but like a little toddler, we’ve achieved a lot in a short period of time. From baby steps to fully blown noisy little sod.

Building a buzz

As well as championing 130 new Rockers, some great initiatives (and a lot more to come), we’ve put on some incredible events that have given the Cotswolds a buzz it’s never had before.


We’ve connected creative, talented people in new ways and inspired many collaborations and partnerships, plus raised thousands for local charities too. We’re dead proud of all this. It makes us nearly cry, but not quite.

So here’s a little run through a history of our events to date, each one very different, but always drip-feeding the positive message about the cool and unique Cotswolds.

1. Rock the Cotswolds launch party

We really did go off with a bang with a massive party at Gloucester Blackfriars Priory where we had performers, beatbox and the cream of the Cotswolds.



2. An Evening with Adventurers

We had the most inspiring evening at the Daffodil with our host Alexander Armstrong and two incredible local adventurers, Jamie McDonald and Ben Miller.

     WATCH THE VIDEO >                    ENJOY THE PICS >


3. Rock the Racecourse

We hosted a massive Après-Ski party at Cheltenham Racecourse and created an Alpine lodge that rocked.

                         CHECK OUT THE PARTY & FUN PICS >


4. Creativity Rocks the Cotswolds

We got together 250 of the most creative, skillful and talented artists, designers, fashionistas, sculptors, milliners and more for a cracking event at The Wilson.

             WATCH THE VIDEO >                    SEE WHO WAS THERE >


5. Colour Fun Charity Run

Along with Cotswold Care Hospice, we got hundreds of people running for charity around Kemble Airfield while being pelted with paint bombs!

WATCH THE VIDEO >                    ENJOY THE PICS >


6. VIP networking event

We celebrated the food and drink heroes of the Cotswolds at the Food & Drink Festival in Cheltenham. A few celebs joined us…

         ENJOY THE VIDEO >                    WHO WAS THERE? >


We’ve got some cracking events and initiatives to come soon too, so keep up to date with us on Twitter and we’ll keep on rocking the Cotswolds if you will.

Please do share this post far and wide. We’ll love you just that little bit more…