Rockference feedback

When we set out to launch our first business conference, we always knew we wanted to try and do something different and unique and “un-business-conference-like”.

And we hoped we achieved that with Business Rocks the Cotswolds at the very cool Elmore Court.. We are hyper-critical of ourselves though and know that there were things we would do differently next time.

But the feedback we’ve had from attendees has been really positive, so it looks like we did a not-too-shabby job of it.

Our favourite was this one as it justifies everything we set out to do:

“All too often one leaves a business conference or other ‘networking’ event with a couple of largely irrelevant business cards and an overwhelming sense of time wasted and disappointment.

Not so Business Rocks. Lively, fun, relevant, engaging speakers, surprisingly contemporary venue and nibbles, and such interesting people to talk with afterwards.”

Here are some of the other lovely things people said. It makes us blush. But hell, here they are.

“Everyone was incredibly impressed by Business Rocks.”

“Great speakers, excellent nibbles and very well put together.”

“Great event – congratulations. Really enjoyed the afternoon – all the speakers were very interesting.”

“A brilliant event………the quality of all the speakers was outstanding and great venue 10 out of 10.”

“Firstly can I say what a great event you staged last week as mentioned in my feedback below. It was the first RTC event I have attended and so the first opportunity to see for myself what you are trying to create and to build and I think you have done a terrific job so far, and your vision is inspired.”

“It was a fabulous event and a pleasure to be a part of it.  I met some interesting people and everything was done in great RTC style!”

“Really enjoyed the event yesterday, wonderful location too. It was good to meet your team team and hear all about your great work in the Cotswolds. Thoroughly enjoyed the talks too.”

“Great event – well done you should be so proud. Excellent energy.”

We also had a very nice piece in South West Business about the Rockference. Worth a read as it sums up the day perfectly.

If you want to see more photos of the day, have a peep here.

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