Rocking jobs worth having

If you’re already furiously scribbling your New Year’s resolutions list and near the top is to exit the rat race then be sure to take a look at our new Rock the Cotswolds Jobs website crammed with opportunities for a brilliant new career in a beautiful location.

The top objective of Rock the Cotswolds is to attract and retain the best talent in the area. Naturally, the only way to attract that talent is with really great jobs. So we thought the best way to do this was with our own jobs site which is totally free to use.

We’re launching the site with over 50 jobs from over 30 cracking local companies…there’s a massive diversity of roles from director level through to volunteers for festivals.


What’s the point of Rock the Cotswolds jobs?

RTC Jobs is about featuring top jobs that are at senior or management level or roles that will make a significant difference to the success of a company and require high level training.

Easy peasy
As a candidate or employer, the site is incredibly simple to use. If you’re looking to post positions all you need is the job description and a few other elementary company details and your logo. That’s it. Five minutes is all it takes. We’ll approve all jobs to ensure they fit our criteria.

If you’re looking for jobs you’ll find an uncomplicated approach that gives you an idea of how the company you’re interested in operates, so it’s a fantastic first step to discover if it’s the kind of place you could see yourself.


We need your help!
Whether you’re a potential candidate or employer we need your support: if you are looking for a job on our site and like what you see please spread the word to friends and fellow jobseekers. Equally if you are looking to hire great talent then please post a job, it’s all FREE and really quick to do.


Christmas is a time when people do start job hunting, so it’s the perfect time to post those jobs you’re struggling to fill. Do tweet & share the love.

Sell sell sell…
We’ve also done a little advertising campaign to remind everyone why the Cotswolds is a fantastic place to work. Here’s one of them below.

Hmm, you’ll not be finding packed tubes here, friends….

See the whole campaign here.

Rock the Cotswolds has got some incredible plans for 2016, including an Innovation Rocks event in June, so keep in touch with us via Twitter @rockthecotswold and Facebook – watch this space for more events and initiatives…

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