Rock those 2016 resolutions baby!

So we’re several days into January and this is undoubtedly when plans for a fresh start are becoming a little bit hazier…so here are Six super Rockers to help that shiny new you emerge.

1. Daylesford – 

As soon as you walk into the farm-shop you feel zingingly healthier.  With their elegant packaging and carefully sourced products Daylesford really is a delight when it comes to shopping organically, deffo a place for hipsters over hippies.


If you’re looking for a little inspiration then take a look at the supper clubs they’re running.  First up on 16th January is the Thai ‘eat to be healthy’ session with delights such as lemongrass pannacotta. Delish.

2. Jay Halford

This young king of health is all about raw.  If you need to surprise your body with a few vitamins but are overwhelmed with information available then put those capsules down and take a look at Jay’s website for fantastic information, events and workshops.


For a proper detox then log onto Jay’s company The Core, a superb juicing programme that is incredible for cleansing your body and weight loss.  Be afraid carrots….we’re coming to get you.

3. Mode hair

Barnet looking a bit boring?  How about a rad new look for 2016?  It’s true what your Mum said, first impressions count so how about getting your look restyled by award-winning Mode Hair.


Bright colours and cool poses are optional but whatever Mode creates for you, it’s guaranteed you will float all the way home like a Hollywood star.

4. Cowley manor’s C-side spa

If you’re not quite ready for the gym you can still reward your limbs by booking yourself in for a session at the gorgeous C-side spa at Cowley Manor.


Amazing treatments from pedicures with a glass of champagne to blissful massages such as Cloud 9 that combines aromatherapy with reflexology and acupressure.  Aaaaaah.

5. Bensons –

Keep that doctor away with these ambrosial apple juices.


With a fab range of combinations, all natural ingredients and nothing going to waste, (even the pulp is given to Adam Henson’s pigs) you’ll feel perkier after a sip – there are great Bensons cocktail recipes online to try like this scrummy Apple and Cinnamon milkshake.

6. Giffords Circus –

Woopity woopity woopity woop!  The talented troupe has announced ’The Painted Wagon’ as this year’s theme.


Make sure you sign up to receive their New Year mailer with dates of 2016 shows and details of Giffords New Year’s resolution 2 ‘cook a family meal every week’ and you can enter their recipe competition for a chance to win great prizes.

How are your resolutions going? Please tweet us your Cotswolds suggestions for making January a month of fun and rejuvenation at @rockthecotswolds

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