Oi! Rocker! You’re going no-where mate

You know you’ve got a blooming BRILLIANT invention, when everyone’s surprised it’s not been invented before.

Cirencester-based Sober Drive, one of our latest Rock the Cotswolds’ Rockers, is just that.

Sober Drive tackles drink-driving head on using  cleverly designed gadget, dreamed up by students from Cirencester College, led by young entrepreneur Callum Coles. It’s a breathalyser within a car key. Using the gadget, a car driver below the legal alcohol limit will be able to start their car. If not, the key will lock and the the car won’t start. How cool is that?! What started as a scribble on a piece of paper at college in September 2014, is being taken seriously by Hyundai UK, and the Sober Drive team are working with the motor manufacturer’s R&D team. Check them out. www.sober-drive.co.uk.

We launched Rock The Cotswolds as national campaign in 2014, showcasing people and companies thriving in the Cotswolds. Every month, to highlight the dynamism of this region, Rock the Cotswolds reveals five new Rockers, businesses, people, events, charities, activities or venues thriving here.

Rock the Cotswolds counters a misconception of the Cotswolds as rolling vistas and pretty villages. While great for tourism, this picture is potentially a deterrent to skilled people and young people seeking career success. Believe the toffee tin picture and it’s easy to overlook world-leading businesses here, many demanding new talent to thrive and grow. Rock the Cotswolds reveals an edgy, creative, often urban side, not widely recognised. We prove there’s as much going on, and vast opportunities to build active and exciting lives in Cotswold towns, city and countryside as anywhere else in the UK.

To add to Sober Drive, our latest five rockers include:

UE Coffee Roasters

The first and only wood powered true artisan handcrafted coffee roastery in Great Britain, using exclusive roasting technology. Based in Witney and passionately supporting baristas and industry frontrunners, with hand selected coffees from the best farms from around the globe.



Creative minds focused on crafting the best imagery solutions. The fusion of photography, post-production, film and CGI, Shadowplay, based in Cheltenham, takes imagery in new directions to give brands the creative advantage.


Hype Street Art

Hype Street Art considers walls a blank canvas for creativity. Founded by Stuart McLain, Gloucester-based Hype Street Art (legally!) makes its mark across the region, creating unique street art for communities and even businesses.


The Cotswold Collective

A fabulous, creative community in and around Stroud dedicated to nurturing fresh young talent, whilst creating additional opportunities for them to develop and showcase their skills.


This month’s five Rockers join nearly 200 showcased on our www.rockthecotswolds.com website.

Anyone can nominate a Rocker. You can. Your mate can – even your mum!

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