Sibling Distillery Launch Crowd-Funding Bid To Move Their Distillery

We love it when one of our Rockers rides that exhilarating rocky road to GREAT THINGS! Since launching in 2014, and becoming one of our very first Rockers, Cheltenham’s Sibling Distillery has been making waves.

Whether it’s Great Taste Stars, Family Business Award winners, or being BANNED by the Advertising Standards Authority for having the temerity to be successfully making and selling great gin while being under 25 (they are all under 25 so can’t appear in their own advertising –  what is it about being 25? car insurance also gets cheaper when you’re 25. Is that the official age for being Grown Up and Sensible… we digress….) , they don’t stand still for long!


Now, they are about to make their biggest step yet. Since their launch, Sibling has been based in a small room at the end of the Battledown Brewery, which they have now outgrown drastically.

With plans to launch into the USA in January, and growing operations around Europe they no longer have space for the new equipment which they need to bring in to fulfill orders – on top of this, they’ve been turning people away from tours almost every week due to lack of space.

All of this is about to change though. Sibling is planning on moving the distillery to the edge of Cheltenham, renovating a new building in Dowdeswell. They will be opening up their doors for tours for the first time and will be able to meet the demand for their gin that has grown rapidly since the launch.

To make this a reality, Sibling has launched a crowd-funding bid in an effort to raise the £35,000 needed to fund the move and renovation. Sibling is offering a range of amazing rewards on the crowd-funding platform ‘’. Watch their video


The crowdfunding campaign has launched today and runs for one month, with Sibling only gaining the money if the total target is reached.To become a part of Sibling Distillery history, go to the ‘Sibling Distillery CrowdFunder’ to view their campaign video and find out more about the rewards available to those who choose to pledge money to the project.