Happy Happy Happy…

So let’s take our first peek at joyous things to take part in this year starting with a three-parter on fashion, food and where to have fun in the Cotswolds.

First up is fashion….

Watch out wardrobe we are coming to get you…

Depending on whether you’re into tailoring with a twist, classic elegance or totally wild here are a few of our fave brands guaranteed to make even the most dishevelled of us look flipping fantastico.

Arkell & Wills

Soft as a teeny tiny kitten in a bath of feathers, this brand new brand has contemporary chic all over it.  With fabulous colours – bright or subtle – you’ll find something that suits every mood and occasion.

One word of warning though you will find that the wool is so soft at Arkell & Wills that just about every Tom, Dick and Harriet you meet will be trying to get a sneaky feel whilst you’re not looking.  Just saying.


Beam shoes

Getting down with the kids ain’t always easy (yep, that was a truly shocking attempt) but it is a lot easier when you’ve got Beam shoes to hand.

Coming in just about every combination possible classic white, pink, black and even blingtastic gold and pom pom accessories, if the mood takes you, these shoes will draw gasps of wonder and envy from adults and small children alike.

Yeah, you think you don’t need them but trust us normal trainers won’t cut it after you try on a pair of these bad boys.  Too. much. fun.


Emma Willis and Barrington Ayre

If 2017 is the year you’ve decided to seriously spruce up your act then make sure you pay a visit to Emma Willis and Barrington Ayre.  Emma and Barrington Ayre’s Tom Wharton are old school but only for the fact they are real, live, proper tailors – these bespoke gurus use beautiful, adventurous fabrics and make the whole process very easy to get togged up either in person or if you know your measurements online DIY style.

If you’re looking for new shirts in a selection of colours and fabrics, including linen and silk, then take a look at Emma’s wonderful ranges particularly the latest Autumn/Winter collection.


The Emma Willis Cashmerello range is available as both ready to wear and bespoke – a wonderful fabric that’s soft and breathable with 85% Swiss cotton and 15% cashmere.  Just when you thought you couldn’t be sharp and snuggly at the same time eh? Handmade in Gloucester you’ll find Emma’s shirts, ties and accessories perfectly detailed and insanely comfortable.


From gorgeous jimjams and slippers (….no shrunk greying t-shirt for this couple) to uber comfy golf wear you’ll undoubtedly want to get every item of your wardrobe replaced with Barrington Ayre’s treasure trove.  You can choose from hundreds of fabrics and either find Tom in his Cirencester showroom or he’ll visit you.

With clients including a range of talented sportsmen and sharp dressed celebs, whether you’re looking for a suit for your wedding or a cosy woollen hat you’ll be in v good company with those who appreciate a good thread when they see it.

Bling Bling…Bling Bling

For a dazzling touch head to fantastic local jewellers including one of The Duchess of Cambridge’s favourites Catherine Zoraida (we just love these stacking rings and pineapple earrings below….summer is just a whisker away), Daisy Knights (with the cutest personalised range you will ever clap eyes on) and Taylor Black (if you haven’t done already then check out the delightful Giffords Circus range…)



For some great workmanship look at new company &Sons the creation of creative creatures James and Phil below who’ve founded ‘clothing for pioneers’ – Vintage with a Twist.


From handmade footwear (made by the UK’s only surviving manufacturer of heavy-duty leather boots) to accessories like baker boy hats and woodcut bandanas, sweatshirts, jackets and jeans. Make sure you sign up for regular updates as the sales are worth their weight.

Vin +Omi

If you like what you see but still need more – such as changing your look beyond recognition then look no further than the jaw-droppingly brilliant Vin + Omi with clients and projects spanning an eclectic range from Presenter Jo Whiley, artist Grayson Perry and Michele Obama to name just a few.

Take a gander at their latest collection and we’ll eat our (big) hair if you don’t find at least one creation that makes you gasp at their wit, detail and downright ability to make you feel shinier for having them on the doorstep.


So that’s just a few beauties…fill us in on your fave Cotswold fashion brands with a tweet @rockthecotswold or email melissa@rockthecotswolds.com