Stuck in a Barn with… Jo Vallender, Founder of Vallender Salon and uber talented hair stylist

You’ve gone for stroll, taken in the Cotswolds view and decided to have a little snooze in a comfy barn, but when you wake up the door is jammed.  Eek what to do…?

Answer our nosey questions of course:

1. So Jo….who would be the first person you’d want to ring once you’d realised the barn door is jammed?
Jerome, my French husband, business partner and best friend.


Jerome and Jo (pre-barn episode)

2. You’re thinking about your business – tell us how it started and your long term plans.

I opened Vallender Salon 26 years ago with a team of four stylists. Since then the salon has expanded to four floors which now includes Vallender Barbershop, Sam Oldfield Photography and House of Wax.

Our trademark has been unconventional décor and quirky staff. We have had everything from purple walls to Alice in Wonderland murals…and flamingos! The French influence is very strong because of Jerome.


Currently in the salon we have a friendly and artistic team of eight who strive to create perfect hair and give a high standard, relaxing service. Check out our Facebook for all the lovely colour the staff do @vallenderssalon

In the long term we are working on making the salon more environmentally friendly. We love Kevin Murphy products as they are cruelty free, have recycled packaging and are PETA approved.

We are changing the layout of the salon to improve our wash area to accommodate our new natural treatments and hot towel detox.

With the salon and stylists getting busier, I’d like to put more of my time into media and event styling and theatrical hair, allowing me to really use my creativity.


I enjoy exaggerating our upcycle, shambolic glamour look throughout the salon. My creativity doesn’t just stop with hair. I also enjoy revamping window displays every couple of months which creates interest.
We actually won the Audrey Hepburn window display competition and the Cheltenham Racecourse display.


Hair & Styling: Jo Vallender. Model: Emily Ball. Make up: Kelly Prince

Photography: Su Barclay


I would also like to focus on building the salons amazing team and expanding the business.
3. What songs are you singing to while away the time?

I would play something from my playlist on Spotify, as I have many! I have 700 followers which my son thinks is hilarious!

4. What makes you laugh?

Day to day life situations and my kids.


5. What are you planning on drinking as soon as you’re out?

A Hendricks G&T in a tall glass with flower garnish at The Clarence Social.


6. What’s your first delicious item of food going to be when you’re free?  Where will you get it from?

I would grab a picnic from The Retreat with oriental ribbons, chicken and feta topped with avocado and black olives. I would take away to enjoy in Montpellier Park, watching the world go by in the evening sunshine. Or I’d go to The Daffodil for their Fizz and Oysters.


7. Where would be your favourite place to stay in the Cotswolds if you weren’t sleeping on a bale of hay?

It would have to be the Painswick Hotel. With stunning grounds and scenery to match, I would enjoy a glass of champagne while relaxing in the Cotswolds’ tranquil life. And I would spend the next day at the Rococo Gardens where we did a photoshoot last year.


Hair: Jo Vallender  Clothes Designer: Jan Knibbs.  

Photographer and Stylist:  Danielle Jaine    Make up: Ian Hencher. 


8. What are your immediate plans as soon as the barn door is open?  Any hobbies you’re going to take up?

As soon as the barn door opens I’m off sailing and camping with friends in an undisturbed, secluded spot. It’s a perfect way to unwind after a long, busy day at the Salon.


9. What are the latest hair trends you’re dreaming about?

So I’ve been dreaming a lot about this trend as I’ve recently created a hairstyle for a photoshoot for Way Out Wedding. It’s an alternative punk wedding with ice blonde locks and silver safety pins that contrast beautifully.


10. What are your plans this summer?  If you get out of that barn of course….

If I ever get out of the barn the family and I will be heading straight down to Padstow, Cornwall. We will be glamping. We will be taking the boats down with us for some much needed relaxation and family time.
Just so we don’t get too used to the quietness, there’s the Wilderness festival, and in our final week of holidays we will be going to Morbihan Gulf to visit family for some fun with our eldest son who has been at university in Manchester.