Stuck in a Barn with… Laura Long: Contemporary Artist and Curator

Following a busy day organising forthcoming art exhibition HYPE at Unicorn House, you’ve gone for a stroll, taken in the Cotswolds’ view and decided to have a little snooze in a comfy barn, but when you wake up the door is jammed. Eek what to do?….

Answer our nosey questions of course:

So Laura…..who would be the first person you’d want to ring once you’d realised the barn door is jammed? 

Arthur, my husband.


You’re trying not to panic – tell us how you got into organising HYPE and the best thing about it. 

Since moving to the Cotswolds a year ago I have been putting on exhibitions where I can to bring contemporary Art to the countryside.

Unicorn House is a perfect venue to showcase some fantastic artists. ‘Hype’ was a seed three months ago but I’m excited it is now about to take place thanks to Catherine (Scudamore – Founder of Unicorn House) for helping me promote Laura Long Contemporary and provide such a fantastic venue.

Unicorn House

What songs are you singing to while away the time?

Smooth Runner’ by the Wise Bloods, Waylon Jennings; ’Mamma don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Anthony and the Johnsons ’I am a bird now’.


What makes you laugh? 

This country, new comedy about the Cotswolds and Finbar my son!



What are you planning on drinking as soon as you’re out.



What’s your first delicious item of food going to be when you’re free?  Where will you get it from? 

Sausage roll by Made by Bob in Cirencester.


Where would be your favourite place to stay in the Cotswolds, if you weren’t sleeping in a bale of hay?

The Woolpack (if they had rooms) failing that Cowley Manor for a treat.


Cowley Manor

What are your immediate plans as soon as the barn door is open? Any hobbies you’re going to take up?

We are planning a family trip to Marrakesh after Hype. I think Finbar should meet some snake charmers!


For more information about HYPE at Unicorn House click here.