Rocking job: The Patisserie Box

We meet Bee Pelloux who, with her husband Xavier, is the super talent behind delectable The Patisserie Box

Renowned for their delivery of the most delicious delicacies to the wholesale market, the pandemic meant they had to think on their feet and now they also sell direct to consumers too.  

We asked Bee a few questions to find out more:

You make the most beautiful patisserie – you have a couple of personal favourites?

Our Nougat Rocher is amazing layers of Belgian chocolate sponge smothered with sea salted caramel, layered up with nougat mousse and encased in a milk chocolate nut. Defiantly not one I would share!

You met your husband Xavier working in Harrods, what made you leave London and come to live and work in the Cotswolds?

We were young and looking to put down roots outside London. So we hired a car and did a 2 day whirlwind trip around the Cotswolds and just fell in love with Cheltenham. We went back to London handed in notices at work and 2 months later moved here, with no knowledge of the area, no friends or family around, just full of excitement to start a new chapter of our lives. By far the best move we have ever made!


Are you and Xavier finding time to relax and if so where do you go to unwind?

We have never really had time to relax in the line of work we do, but since 1st lockdown we have taken every opportunity to do just this. Precious family time, with long walks, bike rides around cheltenham parks and the wonderful race course.


What are you looking forward to most for the rest of the year?

That’s a tough question as nobody really knows what this year will hold. But we keep positive, hope this year will bring good times and may be a holiday away from home!

When the shops, bars and restaurants are open again, where will be the places that you are looking forward to visiting in the Cotswolds?

Everywhere, its been so long we want to see it all!

Do you have any favourite places to visit?  Any places you go to relax?

Crickley Hill, you can walk around not see a sole and feel miles away from everywhere, always relaxing.


image: National Trust

What plans do you have for the business for the rest of the year?

We have so many plans for this year our heads are spinning. Firstly we will be launching Uk wide delivery for our online shop, check out our social media to find out launch date.

We’re delighted to see that the Patisserie Box is part of the Happerley campaign and you’ve be awarded approval.  What do you think is important about the campaign for your business and consumers?

We believe that customers deserve to know where their food comes from and companies should have nothing to hide if they are doing the right thing.


What’s your most popular item in your online shop?

That’s a close one to call as so many are really popular. If we had to choose one think it would be our Belgian Chocolate Craquant.

What’s the secret to making the perfect macaron?

Baked to perfection, shells that are crisp on the outside but when you bite into it still chewy on the inside, sandwiched together with the finest French butter cream!

What inspires you about living and working in the Cotswolds?

We love the size, not to small and not to big. So much lovely country side on your doorstep to enjoy and of course it’s a town full of food lovers who want to support artisan small food business.