Arctic Quest

Arctic Quest

Added: April 2021

Arctic Quest is the only company in the UK offering you the chance to learn to run these incredible dogs this way.

You can get fully involved with the husky pack, learn all about these amazing athletes, with plenty of ‘hands on’ time with the team. Arctic Quest will train you to take charge of the racing rig with huskies as your lead.

There are fast and steady dogs to suit all levels of riders, which means you will really get the best out of this exhilarating experience.

It is run by British Sled Racing Champion Vickie Pullin whose sled dog racing team competes in sprint racing all over the World with their canine athletes.

Vickie is the leading female sled dog racer in the UK, holding multiple top 15 World Rankings. She competes sprint in 4 dog rig/sled, 2 dog scooter and 1 dog bike. She is the only British racer to hold a sprint World Cup standing on the sled.

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