Cooking with Coops

Cooking with Coops

Added: February 2021

Meet the loud-mouthed Gloucester Cockney that is Coops, AKA Ben Cooper. Whilst his background has been cooking alongside Michelin-starred chefs, Coops loves nothing more than simple, delicious no-nonsense food and his aim is to teach people who just want to learn how to improve as well as helping those who have been too afraid to try.

His simple goal? Creating kitchen confidence; bringing smiles to peoples’ faces through food without breaking the bank.

As well as running 1-2-1 and small group cooking sessions both in person (pre-pandemic, and set to return) and online, Coops has created a brilliant YouTube cooking tutorials channel. Viewers can subscribe to access a whole library of cook-along tutorials and kitchen tips, learning to cook easy yet impressive meals step by step with ingredients and equipment found in the typical kitchen cupboard. No need for Beluga Caviar or thermomixers here, you’ll be pleased to know.

Cooking with Coops

Video tutorials on his website and Youtube channels do not a one-way street make… You’ll also find Coops cooking live from his own kitchen on his Facebook channel, with viewers as far as America and Australia regularly tuning in to cook along together, asking questions and getting answers there and then. Coops is also doing amazing things with local communities, such as cooking for those who are unable to, and he’s a big fan and champion of campaigns Hospitality Action and Only a Pavement Away.

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