James Green

James Green

Added: June 2019

Stroud based ‘contemporary expressionist’ James Green is a talent we were delighted to come across. His aim is to push boundaries and challenge the notion of beauty in art. His process is centered around impulse and he questions ‘If art doesn’t begin with emotion, I wonder if it’s even art at all?’ 

James, who went to the former Tetbury’s Sir William Romney’s School pupil and then on to study Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art, has exhibited alongside Banksy and  can also be found in Parisian galleries. At the Talented Art Fair in London he was one of the top selling artists.

Only three years ago James found himself at breaking point while working as a successful salesman in Sydney, Australia. It was then he realised that he wanted to devote himself full-time to his paintbrushes.  Luckily for us.

One of our favourite pieces is ‘Two slices of Bacon’ which is mixed media on canvas and a collaboration with hyperrealist painter Mason Storm.

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