Paul Normansell

Paul Normansell

Added: February 2021

Paul is one of the world’s most sought-after contemporary artists whose high-profile assignments including a range of portraits including Kate Moss and Agnyess Deyn.  In 2009, Paul was personally approached by Brandon Flowers of US rock band The Killers, and asked to create the cover artwork for their third album ‘Day & Age’ which is now multi-platinum.  It was named the ‘Best Album Cover of the Year’ by Rolling Stone magazine.

Paul’s work is loved the world having been asked to take his work as far as Japan, USA and Australia to exhibit.

The iconic pieces are created through individually painted dots in high gloss paint on sheet aluminium.  This meticulous process creates a flawless reflective quality as if they were in a glossy magazine.  All the painted dots are different in size, shape and colour and applied freehand.  Each piece takes hundreds of hours to complete and as Paul says himself ‘there are no shortcuts’.

Paul Normansell
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