We are very fortunate to have some rather Rockin’ supporters, some of which were kind enough to give us a testimonial as below!

I love the initiative and think it’s got great potential. I do wish you the best of success.

Leo Crabtree, The Prodigy and Beaufort London

Too often people see the Cotswolds as just fields and farms. This is a fantastic initiative to showcase the huge wealth of talent and ingenuity that go into making the Cotswolds unique for business as well as people.

Adam Henson, TV Presenter

This is so fantastic! Thank you guys so much. So excited to be a Rocker.

Daisy Cooper - BAFTA winner, Co-creator of This Country

Having witnessed the rapid surge in ‘coolness’ invading the Cotswolds over the last ten years,I love the Rock the Cotswolds campaign for its timely appreciation of the current groove that is The Cotswolds.

Fiona Fullerton, Actress

I love the initiative and think it’s got great potential. I do wish you the best of success.

Dave Richards - CEO, Prodrive

Tucked away within all those beautiful Cotswold stone walls, history and tradition lies an innovative, fresh and creative energy coming from some of the most colourful people on the planet. The Cotswolds Rock!

Lisa Maxwell, Actress

Rock the Cotswolds is an inspirational campaign. Let’s come out all guns blazing and shout about how much the Cotswolds has to offer.

Chris Wright, Chrysalis Records

GFirst LEP are supporting Rock the Cotswolds because we want the world to know that the area is packed full of some of the most innovative, creative and entrepreneurial people and companies on the planet. Rock the Cotswolds is delivering this message.

David Owen - CEO, GFirst

It’s a closely-held secret just how well the Cotswolds know how to party. I know that the launch will be THE party of the Cotswold calendar.

Dr Dawn Harper, TV Presenter

Having lived in LA for more than 13 years, I moved to the Cotswolds and found this part of the world to be equally as vibrant and
progressive. Just in a far more beautiful setting. Many congratulations to all at Rock The Cotswolds.

Emma Samms, Actress

Being a proud Gloucester boy, it’s fantastic to see Rock the Cotswolds celebrating people and businesses that make our county great. With so many people doing brilliant things, it’s about time Gloucestershire was recognised far and wide!

Jamie McDonald, Adventurer

Innovation, creativity and enterprise are alive and well in the Cotswolds today! And we want to encourage more people with skill and imagination to join us to make sure the Cotswolds ‘rock’ economically and socially today and tomorrow.

Dame Janet Trotter, Former Lord Lieutenant

Rock The Cotswolds celebrates all the things I love about living here. The only downside to shouting about the fantastic people who make the Cotswolds rock is that we could be inundated!! “Shhhh…

Jill Douglas, TV Presenter

While we would love to keep the secret of the Cotswolds to ourselves, that just wouldn’t be fair. I love Rock the Cotswolds, and I congratulate the team for dreaming up this campaign.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Designer

The world of work & business is changing fast – it’s more wired, more mobile and more light- footed than ever. That means you’re as likely to find a world- beating company emerging from a cottage in the Cotswolds or a leafy avenue in Cheltenham as from a big city centre. Rock the Cotswolds is celebrating that trend and I’m with them 100%.

Martin Horwood, Former MP for Cheltenham

The Cotswolds are as unique and as magical as its people. From its entrepreneurs and farming heritage to small screen family favourites and its world-class sports stars, you can find many a reason to celebrate why we Rock The Cotswolds.

Mel Nicholls, Paralympian

Having started Raging Bull clothing company, I know it’s possible to build and grow a cool brand in the Cotswolds. This is why I love what Rock the Cotswolds is setting out to achieve.

Phil Vickery, World Cup Winner

Places are like people – they need refreshing and re-inventing from time to time – even somewhere as beautiful as the Cotswolds. So let’s show another face to the Cotswolds – one of innovation and style. Rock those Cotswold Hills!

Richard Graham, Gloucester MP

This is a fantastic initiative. The Cotswolds is in a league of its own and there’s no greater endorsement than seeing it championed so by people who live and work here.

Richard Scudamore - Former CEO, Premier League

We bake the bread, that feeds the people, that make the Cotswolds rock. The Cotswolds, as they say, is on the rise!

Tom & Henry Herbert, The Fabulous Baker Brothers

While the rest of the world is moving to the city the smart folk are on a different trip. The Cotswolds do rock and it’s a great initiative to celebrate why we’re on the pulse of our own kind of cool.

Tom Lawton, Inventor & designer